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What Is WorkComp Advisory?
And What Can It Do For Your Business...
Getting and keeping clients is your goal as well as ours.

Communicating consistently with clients and prospective clients can be a challenge. Having compelling information to share with them regularly even more so.

Published since 2006, the WorkComp Advisory is a monthly, comp-specific, digital newsletter. 

No more challenges! You have timely, relevant content delivered to clients and potential clients month after month. Done for you!

Your WorkComp Advisory is an IWCP community exclusive

We email your personalized agency copy to all clients and prospective clients on your list. No maximum; no minimum. This private-labeled newsletter, is now open to all Advisors. 

Your “take it to the bank” eNewsletter, emailed between the 15th-20th of each month, is chock full of know-how relevant to them and their businesses.

The Institute team does most of the work for you. Just email your logo and contact information as you want it to appear on the e-newsletter for your recipients. Your information replaces the Institute info you see in the sample Advisory.

We'll get a starter list of subscribers from you and give you what you need to add a subscription box to your website!
Let's chat! Schedule time to go over how the WorkComp Advisory will work for your agency.
Don't need to talk and just ready to get started? Complete the agreement and we'll be in touch for next steps!
You can use the WorkComp Advisory in lots of ways:
  • Add a newsletter sign up to your website,
  • Add a link to each monthly newsletter to your website,
  • Clip relevant articles as selling tools, handouts or drop off material.
  • Offer the newsletter to prospects.
  • Post individual articles on your agency blog.
Your WorkComp Advisory is $197/mo for your agency. 

Schedule a time to chat with Kevin about how to kick off 2019 with your WorkComp Advisory!

Don't need to talk and just ready to get started? Complete the agreement and we'll be in touch for next steps!
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Your WorkComp Advisory will look similar to this one, with all Institute information removed and your agency information inserted in its place!

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